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Explore History Around You – One Audio Bite At A Time

Naquis is a concept where it alerts users about history that has taken place near their current location in bite size audio formats and books. Audio tweets called naquis.


Approached just 5 days before the startup pitch deadline, the client wanted assistance in creating a prototype that they could pitch, with hopes to qualify for the next round of the startup competition in Puerto Rico.

The challenge was to understand the clients needs, the users they plan to target, design a solution, and create an interactive prototype in a very short timeframe.


After working with the client in understanding the needs, I decided to apply the lean ux design approach. Quickly sketched out the vision, and flow diagrams. Next, I worked with the client in validating the vision and concept before going to the next phase in the design.

The overall goal was to create a design solution that would allow users to be alerted, explore, and join a community about history that has occurred around them through tweet sized audio chunks, which the client called Naquis.

Lastly, I was able to quickly put together a prototype using Invision, which the client loved.

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