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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – St. Johns County is the new home for BM Interactive Group, LLC, a user experience studio that partners with companies to help solve their User Experience (UX), User Research, Accessibility, Product Design, and Development needs!

BMI helps companies humanize their technology through design by simplifying and improving how their customers use their website, software, mobile app, e-commerce site or any other type of digital application.

Many organizations need to have a good user experience to be competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. In order to help organizations remain competitive, we offer a full range of UX services that allows organizations to tap into our highly experienced resources quickly and efficiently

says Founder and CEO Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro.

Some of BMI’s specialties include: User Experience, Product Design, UX Architecture, User Research, Web Design & Development, eCommerce, Saas, Mobile App Design & Development,  Product Management, Accessibility, UX Consultation, and Data Visualization services to name a few.

BMI is your UX toolbox, and we’re here to help create amazing experiences your customers will love.

Some of BMI’s clients include Moviepass, Full Sail University, Captivate, Emmerson, Venevision, Interval International, Orlando Meats, and Stetson Mansion.

To learn more about BM Interactive Group please visit us at https://bminteractivegroup.com


About BM Interactive Group

BM Interactive Group is a User Experience (UX) studio that specializes in helping organizations solve complex product design challenges by becoming their UX partner to improve their user experience.

We specialize in the areas of User Research, Accessibility, UX Design, and Development, to help companies improve their end to end-user experience with their target audience.

We’re passionate UX professionals and we’re experts in solving complex product design problems.

More information about the company is available at bminteractivegroup.com, or by calling +1.904.567.6024