FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BM Interactive Group and Intellipoint Corporation have come together to host UX+DEV SUMMIT 3rd annual conference on May 7th -11th 2018.

UX+DEV SUMMIT is South Florida’s largest User Experience and Development conference, where technologists, designers, user experience professionals, and developers come together to learn the latest trends in UX and DEV.

The week-long event will consist of four days of immersive workshops at Ocean Sky Resort, as well as one full packed day of seminars taught by industry leaders at Nova Southeastern University!

One of the main differentiators this year for UXDS is giving attendees the freedom to pick and choose which workshop and training session they would like to attend based on their interests, skill set, budget, in any combination they want! This flexible and affordable pricing model allows attendees to customize their experience.

“We’re focusing on bringing cutting edge, high quality, continuous education in UX and DEV to our local South Florida community at a special and affordable rate,” says Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro, co-founder of UXDS.

Businesses in the region will also benefit tremendously by sending their teams to our event because they will be able to remain competitive without having to spend a fortune in training.

“In today’s fast-paced world, one of the key factors that allow a company to remain competitive is implementing a great ‘end to end’ user experience. Customers care tremendously about how you make them feel when using a product. If it’s not easy to use, functional, and or delightful, users will remember those frustrations and go elsewhere.

Today, I believe businesses in our area understand the value of having a great experience, but it seems some struggle in understanding how to inject a proper UX and DEV strategy to fit within their processes. We’re aiming to help with that at our event,” says Ignacio.

This year, UXDS is putting the South Florida tech community in the spotlight. Not only do we bring industry leaders to our community for attendees to learn and network with, but we also offer local leaders the opportunity to present top-notch content, allowing them to be part of this incredible movement.

“We have a community filled with talent that needs a platform to get out and show the world what we’re about!” says Michael Vargas, co-founder of UXDS.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:
-Data Science and UX, Machine Learning and Ethics
-Building Alexa Skills
-Leadership for Designers and Developers
-Building a UX Strategy for Enterprise clients
-Product Collaboration, improving internal process
-Accessibility / Empathy training
-Understand the science behind UX
-How to hire, maintain, lead designers and developers
-Using Angular Material and Firebase
-Sketch w/ ReactJS

To learn more about our UX+DEV SUMMIT, visit us at